A Great Ride!

Paws Along the Trail to Say Goodbye

The end of the race in Nome and now it’s time for me to say good-bye

I can scarcely believe my year as Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™ has come to an end.  What a great ride it has been! Learning more about the Last Great Race™, this amazing feat of strength and endurance,  has been a dream come true.

Here are some Iditarod experiences and favorite photos that give a little overview of my year as Teacher on the Trail™. 

One of privileges was getting to be an Iditarider in the Ceremonial Start.  I rode with musher Andy Pohl through Anchorage and then eleven miles through beautiful wooded trails, seeing the dogs happily charging ahead of us and getting a taste of mushing a dog team!

Andy Pohl let me cuddle one of the dogs after my ride!

People associated with the race are warm, friendly, and willing to share their knowledge.  I was privileged to talk with early Iditarod veterans like John Ace and Ken Chase as well as current mushers and rookies.  Volunteers and village residents along the trail welcomed me  and let me participate in many of the tasks at the checkpoints.  

Visiting the people of the villages, hearing trail stories from mushers, meeting the incredibly talented and enthusiastic sled dogs, observing the majesty and beauty of interior Alaska, and helping volunteers with chores along the Iditarod Trail helped me learn more than I could ever have imagined!

In less than a week, Brian Hickox, the 2019 Teacher on the Trail™, will be writing his ideas for teachers and students.  I know he will bring great enthusiasm and strong lessons to teachers and students around the world!  

Thank you for following me this year and sharing your enthusiasm for the Iditarod with your students.  I am humbled to have had this privilege.  Because of the opportunity to see the race firsthand, I am even more convinced that the Iditarod can be a great tool to motivate and engage students in their study of academic subjects and character!

What will you remember from this year? Happy to see that incorporating the Iditarod into our academics made an impact on my students!