August 31, 2015

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Welcome to the Iditarod Education Portal! 

Get on the Iditarod Trail with us for an educational journey to academic success!  Pack your sled with lessons, projects, activities, and information that will enhance your curriculum.  Take your students on an adventure of a lifetime!  Use the menu on the left to locate information that you need!  Read our 'Welcome Message' to learn more about the Education Portal and use of Iditarod in the classroom!

Events for Educators!

2016 Winter Conference for Educators!  March 1 - 4, 2016 -  Anchorage, AK 

2016 Summer Camp for Teachers! June 18 - 27 , 2016 - Willow and Wasilla, AK

2015 - 2016 Events Held in the Lower 48

Follow the Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™

IMG_3716Meet Laura Wright, the 2016 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail

Laura is from Austin, Texas.  During the next several months, Laura will be hosting a website sharing curriculum applicable to all grade levels.  Once the 2016 Iditarod begins, Laura will be reporting from the Iditarod Trail as she travels in a small plane visiting checkpoints along the race route.  Follow Laura at this link.

View an interview with the 2012 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail, Blynne Froke.

View an Interview with the 2016 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™, Laura Wright.

Iditarod Insider - Video and GPS Tracker! 

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ATTENTION TEACHERS:  Insider Video and/ GPS Tracker are subscription based technology tools to enhance your Iditarod Unit of study.   The fastest way to renew your current subscription or become a new subscriber is by doing so on line.  Visit the link.  Choose a classroom or school wide account, depending on the needs of your school.

A classroom subscription is for one teacher and that teacher's students.  The subscription can be used on one computer or the number of computers that there are for that teacher and that teacher's students.  (25 -30 computers)  Purchase JUST video or JUST GPS Tracker for $39.95 or both video and GPS Tracker for $67.95.  One user name and password allows Insider use for the teacher and teacher's students.

A school subscription allows all students and staff in one building to access Insider using one password and one user name.  The price is $99.95 for just video or just GPS Tracker or $169.95 for both video and tracker.  One user name and password allows everyone in the school easy access to Insider!

 *An Individual subscription is not licensed for use in schools.  You must purchase either a classroom or a school wide subscription account to show or use these resources with your students.  **  All subscriptions expire the end of June regardless of purchase date and are valid for one Iditarod season.  Subscriptions can be renewed starting July 1 of each year. 

PURCHASE ORDERS:  If you are subscribing or renewing an Iditarod Insider subscription and you are unable to purchase using a credit card online,  please click here for information on subscribing using a purchase order.  Please note, using a purchase order takes time to process, so begin this process long before the start of the race to make sure you do not miss a moment of the race. A Whereas a subscription activated online takes moments, a purchase order may delay the process for several weeks.

Recent News and Information!

Do You Hear…

Martha Dobson, Iditarod Educational Consultant that sound? Yes, THAT sound! It’s the sound of teachers and students heading to the classroom for a new school year. Pencils grinding in the sharpener, laptops humming quietly in the classroom, books read the time-honored way by turning one paper page after another, a sound almost unheard until 30 …

2016 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™ Laura Wright, Austin , Texas

Third grade educator, Laura Wright has been selected as the 2016 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™  . Laura teachers at Eanes Elementary School. She incorporates Iditarod themed lessons into all areas of her curriculum including math, art, and science, with a strong technology piece that allows students to share their learning. Laura applied to be …

Bulletin Board Ideas

Creating a classroom environment that is conducive to learning is essential for any teacher to accomplish. Creating a classroom environment that engages the learner and builds an atmosphere that enhances the learning process helps students be successful in school. Every educator knows that the environment created by the teacher can facilitate the learning process.  Using …

Creating an Enriched Iditarod Classroom Environment

Iditarod is an incredible teaching tool that teachers incorporate into all content areas of teaching. A teacher knows that creating bulletin boards that teach and display areas that spark the imagination and interest of students is essential to setting the stage for learning.  The environment a teacher creates can make or break the lessons taught …

Decorating Iditarod Style

By Betsy Anderson, Educational Journalist The best part of last year’s Iditarod unit was that we adopted a Junior Iditarod rookie musher, Justin Fink.  He visited us in December and again in May with some of his puppies.  He even used one of my students’ ideas to name one of the litters!  He wasn’t able …

Preschool and Kindergarten Activities

Lessons by Cathy Walters Preschool and Kindergarten * Music (Idita-Tunes) for some of these lessons can be found at this link. Lessons: Water the Huskies Relay Summary: Students will run traditional relays with the intent of working as a team to water their huskies. The focus is on the chores necessary to take good care …

Music in the Iditarod Classroom

Music, Movement, and Learning by Cathy Walters 2009 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™ Presents: Idita-Tunes   *Click here for the words to Idita-Tunes by Cathy Walters Visit this website article to view information on these tunes including actions to some of the tunes or other related classroom activities by Cathy.  These tunes and activities are …

Welcome to the Education Portal!

We’re heading out on the trail to help you lead your students to academic success!  We want you and your students to join us for the Last Great Teaching Race! This section of Iditarod’s website provides educators and families with the tools needed to develop the best practices of teaching and learning to guide students …

Opening a Door to Learning: Decorate Your Classroom Door!

  Meet Wendy Stapleton from Springboro, OH. Each day, her students walked right into ‘Iditarod Headquarters’ thanks to the door decoration created by the art teacher at her school. Imagine the excitement of the students as they worked on their curriculum and followed the race, feeling they were a part of the action, as close …

2016 Winter Conference for Educators – March 1,2, 3,and 4 – Anchorage

2016 Winter Registration Materials. Coming Soon!  *Please note: Scroll down this page and view information you need to know about attending the conference.  We’ve lots of tips for you to help you plan your trip! 2016 Winter Conference for Educators! “Make Sense of Problems and Persevere in Solving Them” *Registration Materials  Questions?  Need more information?  …