January 17, 2017

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Follow the Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™

IMG_0835Meet Annie Kelley, the 2017 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail

Annie is from Chicago, IL.  During the next several months, Annie will be hosting a website sharing curriculum applicable to all grade levels.  Once the 2017 Iditarod begins, Annie will be reporting from the Iditarod Trail as she travels in a small plane visiting checkpoints along the race route.  Follow Annie at this link.

View an interview with the 2012 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail, Blynne Froke.

View an Interview with the 2016 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™, Laura Wright.


Recent News and Information!

2017 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail, Annie Kelley – A Radio Interview

2017 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™ Annie Kelley prepares for this year’s Iditarod.  Learn more by reading this article and listening to her interview. We are looking forward to having Annie out on the trail, in checkpoints, and sharing her observations of the race.  Annie is a 3rd grade teacher in Chicago. Checkout Annie’s online …

MUSHER CIRCUIT TRAINING – Getting Yourself in Top Notch Physical Condition

  Lesson Summary:  Not only are the dogs in top notch physical condition for Iditarod, the mushers are too.  Mushers need to have upper body strength, lower body strength, core strength, cardio-vascular endurance, flexibility and mental stamina.  Students will create stations for a circuit-training course aimed at helping mushers improve strength, endurance and flexibility. Procedural …

Idita-Warm-up Activity – Fitness

Lesson Summary:  Cover the distance to Nome by counting laps jogged for warm-up as miles.  Students decide how many days it will take the class to finish the race.  They create a strategy to reach their goal much that same as the mushers do for the race.   The class keeps track of their progress on …

Iditarod Trail Team Sports and Activities

Lesson Summary:  Create checkpoints in a large outdoor area.   Each checkpoint will have a team oriented or relay type activity that will advance the team to the next checkpoint or must be completed before the team can move to the next checkpoint.  Iditarod Trail can be scaled to take only 1 period of Physical Education …

GO THE DISTANCE WELLNESS: Personal Physical Fitness

  Lesson Summary: Participants travel the distance of the Iditarod Trail by converting minutes of exercise to miles along the trail with the goal being to reach Nome before a predetermined date (perhaps the finish of the race). Procedural Activities:  Advertise this Wellness Initiative and encourage participants to commit to going the distance by participating …

CHECKPOINT FITNESS: Aerobic & Strength Exercises

Lesson Summary: Students run, jog or walk for a predetermined amount of time and intensity around the gym.  When time is up, students choose a checkpoint to go to.  A student rolls the die to determine what exercise the group will do.  All students perform the exercise.  Repeat. Procedural Activities:  The instructor selects 6 activities …

Calories In – Calories Out – Nutrition and Energy Expenditure

This is a project that includes physical activity and journaling.  As students participate in physical activity during class or outside of class, they will keep a record of calories expended or burned.  For example, riding an exercise bike for 30 minutes at a rate of 16 mph burns approximately 200 calories.  The student would progress …

The Patch!

Each year the Teacher on the Trail™ gets to create their own patch and mine has finally come in!  My patch was designed by my 4th grade student, Libby McMahon.  Libby’s design was one of 35 submitted, and it was selected as the winner by the 3rd-8th graders at Saint Andrew. Libby’s design included three important things—an …

Music for Your Classroom by Herb Brambley

Herb Brambley, 2010 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™ Enjoy these musical arrangements by Herb Brambley. Herb is a K-6 environmental education and technology teacher at Southern Fulton Elementary School in Warfordsburg, Pennsylvania.  He is also a part time grant writer for the district and has been instrumental in helping the school secure more than $115,000 …

Color and Create

  Download, print out, and color these pages or use them in your own creations Dogs and Gear Sled Dog 1 – Zuma Coloring Page Sled Dog 2 – Zuma in Black and White Sled Dog 3 – Full Color Husky Graphic Dog Team Sled