What About Mushers Who Scratched?

Dear Friends,

The 2024 Iditarod has officially ended with Jeff Reid coming in last, extinguishing the Widow’s Lantern and earning the Red Lantern Award for perseverance.  29 teams finished the grueling race across Alaska.  What about the nine teams who scratched, or had to quit, for various reasons?  What are Sean Williams, Calvin Daugherty, Aaron Burmeister, Bryce Mumford, Hunter Keefe, Deke Naaktgeboren, Isaac Teaford, Connor McMahon, and Erin Altemus doing?  Some of you were cheering for these teams.

Frequently, mushers who have to scratch still come to Nome via various transportation methods.  There have been video interviews with several about their race.  They will attend the banquet, even though they were unable to finish.   Stories, catching up with fellow mushers, good food, and fun will be had by all.  And, like Gabe Dunham, who had to scratch in 2023 but finished in 2024, there is always next year to try again!

Thank you to all of you students who have cheered on all of the teams this year!  

Until next year,