Iditarod Scavenger Hunt

Download this scavenger and print it out.  Use to find answers on the Idita Hunt.  Download the Iditarod Scavenger Hunt.  How many answers can you find?  On your mark!  Get set!  Go!

The Serum Run Game

Click here to play the Serum Run Game.

LitSite Alaska is the University of Alaska Anchorage’s award-winning community outreach website and the home of the Serum Run Game and Alaska Kids. The content and story for the Serum Run Game was written by Don Rearden, author of The Raven’s Gift, and the game itself is the brainchild of Ronald Spatz, founder of LitSite Alaska and editor of the prestigious literary journal Alaska Quarterly Review.


Science and Math PowerPoint Game by Julie Howard

Grade Level:  Upper Elementary, Middle School and beyond.  (Math and Science Formulas)  To review concepts for this game by by viewing this PDF document.

Download and play this PowerPoint   To play the game, click on the link and run the PowerPoint by clicking slide show, and from the beginning.  Follow the directions. This game was created for the Iditarod Education Department by Julie Howard.

Five W’s PowerPoint Jeopardy Game  by Jane Blaile

Download and Play the PowerPoint game.