World Read Aloud Day!

“World Read Aloud Day motivates children, teens, and adults worldwide to celebrate the power of words and creates a community of readers taking action to show the world that the right to literacy belongs to all people.”
(World Read Aloud Day Website)

This Thursday (February 16, 2017) classrooms across the globe will celebrate World Read Aloud Day!  My students celebrated a bit early, and it was such a fun class.  In this lesson students will celebrate World Read Aloud Day by listening to an Iditarod themed book.  Students will begin by learning about the 8 traits of Iditarod and then relate the traits to what they have read/listened to.  Students will create their own “quilt” square and complete a short writing piece.  Once all the quilt squares are completed you can put together an entire “quilt” which makes for a great, colorful hallway display.

World Read Aloud Day Handouts
World Read Aloud Day Lesson Plan

For a great list of books to use on World Read Aloud Day visit our new Iditarod Library which is full of suggestions.  My class read Hide Away Husky by Lisa McCue.  It is a cute story about a little husky, Paw, that is too small to be part of the team.  In the end little Paw saves the day and earns his spot on the mushers’ team.

During this lesson we also had our local news station, WGN, visit our classroom.  They featured the Teacher on the Trail program and the positive impact the Iditarod has on students and classrooms.  You can watch the clip here: WGN TV Clip

My very proud students with their quilt!