50 Years of Adventure Learning

Hello friends,

Teachers – yes, I’m talking to you – have you ever dreamed about coming to Alaska to experience the Iditarod first hand? You can make this a reality by attending the 2022 Winter Educators Conference. Jane Holmes, our human Education Chairperson, has set up a great 2022 Conference schedule. Not only will there be opportunities to learn, but opportunities to experience being a part of the Iditarod. Included in the Conference is a field trip to Iditarod Headquarters and Matthew Failor’s 17th Dog Kennels. At HQ you will witness some of my racing K9 friends preparing for the Last Great Race as Veterinarians poke and prod to make sure they are ready to run. The 17th Dog, Matthew Failor, will explain his race preparation as well as share his Kennel with educators. Awoooooooo! My 4 legged friends will be so excited to see you.

The Iditarod Race is always exciting, but this being the 50th year will be 50 times more exciting! We hope you can join us in the celebration! Click the link for more information: https://iditarod.com/edu/2022-educators-conference-registration-is-open/

Tail wags,