A Rookie

Libby1Libby Here!

A rookie is someone who is doing something for the first time.

An Iditarod rookies is a musher who is going to finish the Iditarod for the first time. 

Every year Iditarod has a rookie meeting that all rookies must go to.

This meeting is a lot like going to school.  The rookies learn about raising, training, and racing sled dogs.   The rookies have already been raising, training, and racing sled dogs, but this meeting helps them learn more about it from people who have been raising, training, and racing or working at the race.

This meeting is a good time to learn more.

You can see who is racing in the 2014 Iditarod at this link.

Here’s what I say to the rookies, “See you at the starting line, racers!  Good luck!”

I think I’ll sit down and make some good luck cards today.  I’ve got some markers and glittery paper right here…  I think the rookies need a glittery message, don’t you? 

Just spinning some ‘de-tales’.