Sled Dog Ed

Hello, Teachers!

How many times have you asked your students, “What were you doing before…?” Or maybe you have asked them, “What will happen next?” Making predictions and sequencing events are important skills. Mushers and their teams deal with sequencing quite often: Who will be first on the gangline?, What will I need to do next after feeding the team?, When the musher says, “Mush”, what were the dogs all doing right before that?, etc.  Have your students think of some of these “before” and “next” situations in the Iditarod.

Then have your students work with a partner. Display the document “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!”  Partners will look at the picture and decide what happened right before the situation and what will happen next.  Make sure they look for clues in the picture as they make their predictions.  Share thoughts as a class or have students use their ideas to create a short story.  You certainly can continue this activity using a different picture. Be creative and have fun predicting and sequencing!

~Sled Dog Ed