Can You Spell MUSH?


Can you spell MUSH?

It’s easy.  Close  your eyes and listen when I spell it for you.  Eyes closed?  Ready?  Listen….

M  U  S  H 

Now, keep your eyes closed and pretend to draw each letter when I spell it.  Whisper the word in your head when I spell it for you.  Ready?

M  U  S  H

Now, practice it three times on your own…   ready? 

M  U  S  H       M  U  S  H       M  U  S  H 

OK, now, turn to someone sitting near you and spell the word to them.  Ready?  Go!

Let me hear you!

Now, give me a big long and loud ‘HOWL” for doing such a great job spelling a little word – MUSH –

You can spell it.  Do you know what it means?  It means:  GO!

So that’s my message for you today, friends.  GO!  Mush!  Get working on your school work!  The school year is here and we have so many cool things to learn this year! 


Just spinning some ‘de-tales’.