It’s A Wrap

Hello friends,

Kaci Murringer arrives in Nome as the final musher of 2020 and receives the Red Lantern award.

The Elim 11 all arrived in Nome on Sunday morning beginning around 7:30 Alaska time. The final tail wag under the Burled Arch belonged to the team of Kaci Murringer who captured the Red Lantern Award – the award for the last finisher of the Iditarod. 57 teams started the 2020 Iditarod and 34 finished. There was deep snow, blizzards, overflow, and the Coronavirus to make for a crazy race. 

Kaci’s name will be added here.

Thank you to all the teachers and students for your grrreat questions this year. I have the best doggie job being able to hear from people from all over the world! Stay safe friends.

Tail wags,