November = Gratitude

zuma5Hello Boys and Girls,

As November rolls around, we traditionally begin to think about being thankful for the many things that are around us.  We’re grateful for our homes, our families, our friends, for food, and many other things.  In school, teachers often have students write about being thankful and grateful.  Sometimes students write poems, stories, or even letters pf gratitude to people.

Don’t get me wrong, Boys and Girls, I agree.  We really should be thankful and share our gratitude with others.  Sometimes the sound of a word like, ‘thanks’ is a powerful message.  We all like to hear from someone that they appreciate what we’ve done.

But this month, I’d like to challenge you to not just say you are grateful, but to put your words into action by showing your gratitude.

Is there someone in your community that you can reach out to and do something nice for and really show how much you appreciate who they are or what they’ve done?  Is there an organization that helps others that you can reach out to and thank for all they do?  Is there a place in your community that could use some extra help, like an animal shelter or a food bank?  Can you lend your paws for a cause?

Let’s put our paws together and think about making the world a little bit better by what we each do.

I’m making my own list…

Lots of Tail Wags,