Red Lantern

Hello friends,

It’s always sad to report the end of another Iditarod. However, we are happy for Victoria Hardwick, the winner of the Red Lantern Award. What does that mean? It means she had the courage and perseverance to not give up. It wasn’t easy, her sled met a tree on the Happy River Steps and she had to literally tape it together until she could switch sleds in McGrath. She completed the same 832 miles the others did, it took her and her K9s longer, but THEY DID IT! For that we give her a loud, long AWOOOOOOOO! Read more about the race for the Red Lantern here.

Once again our team of K9 reporters would like to thank the Iditarod Trail Committee for safely conducting the 49th Iditarod through such unusual times. I’d also like to thank all the educators and students for asking such clever and thought provoking questions. Sometimes I had to use my paws to dig for answers! Keep checking back for any “after race” updates and stories.

Tail wags,