Summer Means A New Start

libby on boatLibby here!

Summer is a fun time because it is a time for having adventures.  It is a time when most children get to take a break from school.  Going to summer camp or on a family vacation, spending time at the swimming pool or hanging out on the beach, hiking, bike riding, taking a boat ride, or camping are a few of the summer activities kids enjoy.  Summer is also time when most kids don’t have to get up quite so early in the morning.

For me, summer is so much fun!   Taking boat rides and going for long hikes around the lake are my favorite things to do!   Believe you me, I also add a few more naps in my daily schedule because spending more time out of doors on nice days just makes me feel like taking a nap so I can stay up past my bed time!

For sled dogs, summer is a time for taking some time off but it’s also a time to start training for the next racing season.

1001611_3176159538459_1390413650_nIn Alaska, some dogs are busy giving tourists rides on wheeled carts.  At Iditarod Headquarters in Wasilla, sled dogs owned by Ramie Redington, son of Joe Redington, Sr., spend their time meeting tourists and teaching them all about sled dogs.  Tourists take a fun ride around a trail.

I hope your summer is filled with lots of adventures!

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