Teachers – More Upcoming Conferences!

Hello Friends,

It’s the middle of November and snow is falling here in Alaska. Awoooooooo! That means hitting the trail for my K9 friends and their human mushers. It also means that The Last Great Race is only months away. Are you ready teachers?

Chicago Educators Conference

On October 19 a group of teachers met in Chicago to share Iditarod lessons. Charlie Benja and Pat Moon entertained them with stories from the trail as well as the realities of preparing for such a long race. No worries if you missed that conference, there are more to come. Check out this link to find out about conferences in Colorado Springs and McCall, Idaho. Educators from all over are also preparing for the Winter Conference in Anchorage. These conferences are packed with lessons and ideas in all areas. Many of my 4 legged friends also attend and we love the attention. Keep your eyes on the trail!

Tail Wags,