This is Joe Redington’s Statue

Libby1Libby Here!

Did you know that at Iditarod Headquarters in Wasilla, Alaska, an important  statue stands next to Iditarod Headquarters?

That statue is one of Joe Redington, Sr.  and his dog, Feets.

Joe is remembered as the Father of the Iditarod.

He started the Iditarod for two reasons.

Joe wanted to make sure that sled dogs stayed a part of the way of life in Alaska and he wanted the Iditarod Trail to become a National Historic Trail.

Those goals were met and it makes me so happy that I just want to sing howl songs and write poems about it!  

Is there a statue in your city or a person that is honored for doing something?  Spend some time today thinking and talking about this with your friends.  It’s November, a good time of the year to be grateful for things.  I’m grateful for Joe.  Who are you grateful for and why?

Just spinning some ‘de-tales’.