What is a Rookie? Are you are Rookie or a Veteran?

Libby Here!

Hello boys and girls!

Have you ever tried to do something for the very first time?  (Like be in a race or a contest?) 

In Iditarod, when you sign up to race in the Iditarod, if you have never started and finished this race before, you are called a rookie.

Until you finish the race, you are called a rookie.

Sometimes a rookie doesn’t make it to the finish line.  The next time they sign up for the race, they are still a rookie.

When they finish the race, they become a veteran.

One time I was in a neighborhood jog-athon. It was the first time I had entered so I was a rookie.  Since I was so much shorter than others who were running, I had to really pay attention so I didn’t get stepped on!  Good thing I have a high little yippy bark to sound off my location!  It made me have a little bit of an upset tummy since I was doing this for the first time.  But when I finished that L O N G jog around the big city block, I yipped and yipped with excitement for having finished.  Yip! Yip!  YIP YIP YIP! 

Let’s share about times when you’ve been a rookie or been a veteran at something.  What is it like to be a rookie?  What is it like to be a veteran? Remember, raise your hand to tell your teacher.  That’s the polite thing to do!

Just spinning some ‘de-tails’,