Who’s Your Driver?

Libby Here!  Hello Boys and Girls!

Who’s your driver?  I bet when I ask you that question, the first thing you think about is who drives you from one place to another?  Is it your bus driver?  A parent or babysitter?  An older brother or sister?  Who takes you from place to place?

When I say, who’s your driver – your Iditarod driver, I’m asking –  who’s your musher?  A driver is another name for musher.

When you are talking about Iditarod or mushing, a driver is the person who ‘drives’ the sled, the musher.  Driver is another name for musher.  Isn’t that a cool fact?

How is driving a sled different from driving a car, a bus, a train, a plane, or even a bicycle?  Now that should get you talking to each other today!  What do you think?

Just spinning some ‘de-tails’