Why is it called “The Last Great Race on Earth®”

Libby Here!

“The Last Great Race on Earth®” —  Iditarod.

You have seen those words before but are you wondering why Iditarod is called, “The Last Great Race® on Earth®”?

The answer is pretty simple.  It is called “The Last Great Race on Earth®” because in 1978, a reporter for the London …..  Ian Woolridge, wrote an article about the race.  In the article, along with lots of other information, the reporter used the words, “The Last Great Race on Earth®” to explain his thoughts and observations about the race.  What the reporter meant by those words was that the Iditarod was ‘the only really great race left.

A few years later, the Iditarod contacted the reporter and got permission to use the phrase.   “The Last Great Race on Earth®” was trademarked and is a phrase still used today.  (The emphasis is on GREAT RACE!)

Now think about the words ‘last’ and ‘great’.  Talk about the meaning of those words and use a dictionary to help you.   Make a list of things that you would describe as ‘last’ or ‘great’. Think about other words that could be used instead of those words that would mean the same thing.  Make posters or TV commercials about “The Last Great Race on Earth®” or something you think is REALLY GREAT!

BUT most of all — enjoy the Last Great Race® Iditarod!

Just spinning some de’tails,