Zoom Lens: 4-Runner Sled

Musher and musher mentor Vern Halter is into making a better sled, a 4-runner sled. Toyota makes a 4Runner SUV but I’m sure it wasn’t Vern’s inspiration. Halter who operates Dream-a-Dream Dog Farm and Training Center is always considering ways to make sleds faster, steer better and more agile. Thus He designed and built a 4-runner sled. What would be the advantage of having a sled like this compared to a traditional 2-runner sled?

Will this be the next rage in sled design?  Hard to say but Vern has been racing with it this season.  He says it’s faster, lighter, more agile and offers the musher exceptional control.  Sled builders, pay attention.  Mushers, give it a try!

Born to Run,