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Zoom Lens: The Lady in Pink

The early sun brightens DeeDee Jonrowe’s way into Unalakleet early on the Morning of March 14th.  Later this day, Mitch Seavey became the oldest musher to ever win Iditarod and set a new record of 8 days, 3 hours, 40 minutes and 13 seconds for Iditarod XLIV.

Zoom Lens: Weather Can Change Quickly

Weather can change very quickly.  The clear shot of Robert Redington was taken twenty-two minutes earlier than the foggy shot of Lars Monson.

Zoom Lens: Dallas following Mitch

Dallas Seavey is trailing behind his dad, Mitch as the 45th Iditarod reaches the Gold Coast.  Mitch came and went from Unalakleet.  Dallas rested for almost 4 hours.  Mitch will have to rest at the next checkpoint.  Where will the balance be in running, resting and speed for each of these highly competitive men?  Mitch …

Zoom Lens: Waiting In Unalakleet

The big news in Unalakleet this morning is the fog – Ice Fog. When fog freezes in the air and then the fog settles on sleds, grasses, trees and other objects you have hoar frost. While the visibility was good last night with stars shining, the opposite is true today – thick ice fog. The windbreak …

Zoom Lens: Encouragement from Huslia Students

How do you encourage others to keep going even when the going is tough?  How do you encourage others and let them know you are rooting for them to do well or finish strong?  The children of Huslia made signs and posted them on the inbound and outbound trails of the village to let the …

Zoom Lens: Aerial View Huslia

The community of Huslia, located on the Koyukuk River, has a long mushing history. Mushing families like Vent, Huntington and Attla hail from Huslia. George Attla is the winningest sprint musher of all time. Attla and Bobbie Vent participated in the very first Iditarod. Vent claimed 2nd place and Allta claimed 4th place. The School …

Zooms Lens: Neff Leaves Huslia Behind

Hugh Neff departs Huslia.  In the back ground is the traditional octagon shaped log community building.  The log building, its shape and clerestory  is very traditional and found in many native communities in Alaska.  Inside, the large octagon room provides plenty of room for large community gatherings and celebrations.   

Zooms Lens: Wanna Be Iditarod Dogs

Who’s coming in next?  What time are they coming?  How many dogs do they have.  Will they stay or will they take straw and go on through?  Four legged spectators want to know the same things about the race as we humans do.

Zoom Lens: Math in Huslia

Katherine Keith was caring for her canine athletes, massaging their shoulders and applying foot cream. The children were flocked around her as she worked through the team. They were asking countless questions. Then the practical math applications started. One of the young students asked how many dogs she had. Being that she and John Baker …

Zoom Lens: Spectators in Tanana

There is a very famous sprint mushing kennel in Tanana, Erhart Kennel.  Long distance race champions Hugh Neff and Joe Runyan have trained with Lester Erhart.  What races have Joe Runyan and Hugh Neff won?   Runyan has won both the Iditarod and the Yukon Quest.  Neff has won the Quest.  Some of the young …