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Sanka’s Zoom Lens – Colorful Gang Line

The Berington Twins had the most colorful gang line at the Iditarod start!  Mushers often make their own lines.  Andy Pohl, Kristi Berington’s husband created the gang lines.Do some research to find out what the gang line is for.  What role does it play for the dogs pulling the sled?

They Are Running!

Hello friends, 52 teams are on the trail for the 2019 Iditarod. What excitement there was at the start of the race. Typically teams start on the ice, but this year they moved the actual start line to land because of the recent heavy snowfall and some possible overflow. It was fun seeing the teams …

Sanka’s Zoom Lens – Radar

Jessica Klejka won the Jr. Iditarod by just 2 seconds in 2008.  She’s a rookie in Iditarod  XLVII.  At the Ceremonial Start this morning, Klejka ran ahead of her team while handlers helped guide the team to the start banner.  Before taking off, Klejka gave her leader Radar a little love and encouragement.

Sanka’s Zoom Lens – Dog’s Get Physicals

Before the Iditarod, Sled Dog get Physicals much like human athletes before participating in a sport.  Kristin Bacon is loading Zsa Zsa into a dog box after completing Vet Check at Iditarod Headquarters on Wednesday prior to the race.

Sanka’s Weekly Challenge: Mandatory Gear

What’s in the sled bag?  Every musher is required to carry some mandatory gear. Locate the race rules on the Iditarod web page. Find out what items mushers are required to carry. Some items are for the well being of the canine athletes and some items are for the safety of the musher.  Make a list …

Sanka W. Dog: The GOPHER Principle

It was Iditarod 2004. Sue Allen out of No Snow Kennel in Wasilla, Alaska was about to start her rookie Iditarod. It was an exciting time – one that she and her dogs had been working and training toward for a long time. Together Sue and the dogs had logged well over 2,500 miles and …

Sanka’s Zoom Lens – The Mountain

Not every one gets to see the great mountain when visiting Alaska.  Many days it’s cover by clouds.  On the weekend of Jr. Iditarod the mountain was out for all to see.  This picture was taken while flying with the Iditarod Air Force from Yentna Station Checkpoint to the Willow Finish Line.  The mountain stands …

Sanka’s Zoom Lens – Jr. Iditarod

The Jr. Iditarod is a 150-mile race for mushers between the ages of 14 and 17.  They run 75-miles out to Yentna Station then park their teams and camp.  After putting straw down for the dogs to sleep on and taking booties off, the mushers prepare a nutritious meal for the hardworking canine athletes.  After …

Which Route?

Hello friends, Aaah-ooooooh! In less than a week my canine friends and their human mushers will be racing in the Last Great Race – the Iditarod. This year’s race will be on the Southern Route. What does that mean? It is 2019, an odd number year, so the teams take the Southern Route. (There have …

Iditarod Air Force

                                                                                   Hello friends, I have a question from my new human friend Charlie. He asked, …