2023 Iditarod Winter Educators Conference Speakers

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Juli’s session 

Teachers are more aware than ever that the social emotional health of our students impacts their learning, but with a full curriculum it is hard to find time to fit it in!  Iditarod is a through line to connect social-emotional and culturally responsive content and integrate it into the curriculum. In this session you will hear about lessons that can enhance current practices, build Iditarod enthusiasm, and promote a collaborative classroom community.

Jane’s session
Mush On!  We will look closely at this free resource and the many lessons and ideas you can get delivered to you ready to go each month.
Iditarod: The First Ten Years The stories of the Old Iditarod Gang aren’t just historically fascinating, they lend perfectly to many lessons for your classroom.
The Insider as an Instructional Tool Not just another video, the Insider shows what can be seen nowhere else; the real life situations have almost limitless possibilities for classroom applications.
IditaRead Digital IditaRead 3.0 has more users than ever.  Find out how and why this tool is a literacy game changer.
Erin’s session
2015 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail, Erin Montgomery is the EDU’s technology wizard.  She will inspire you make the most of social media and technology “Iditarod style”.  Get those skills in practice aligned with your other curricular areas.

Rod Perry
Rod will share stories of organizing the inaugural race from the ground up and his message of being a pioneer.

Kristy and Anna Berington

The Beringtons see the power of the Iditarod as a theme in the classroom.  They are going to share their perspective and ideas for inspiring and engaging lessons for teachers.

conference speaker

Katie Mangelsdorf

Katie wrote Joe Redington’s story in her novel, Champion of Alaskan Huskies: Joe Redington, Sr. Father of the Iditarod.  A true authority on the Redingtons, the story of the Iditarod, and a former middle school teacher – she will engage you with her interesting stories and inspire you to read and teach using her book as a primary resource.

conference speaker Linda will lead us in all kinds of activities and learning experiences.  She is a great source for lesson ideas of all types.
Our finalists for the 2024 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail position are bringing their best game in the next round of their competition to be selected.  Their presentations will cover a multitude of academic areas and grade levels.

Friday Speaker Series

Your registration gives you a reserved seat at the Friday morning speaker series “Behind the Scenes of the Iditarod”.  You will hear from folks that lead and coordinate the race from daily operations to race logistics and everything in between. 


You will hear from:

Rob Urbach, CEO

Mark Nordman, Race Marshall

Wes Erb, Iditarod Air Force Chief Pilot

COMMS. – Race Communications

Liz Millman – Iditarod Race Return Dog Coordinator