Awards for Mushers

Dear Friends,

What do pure gold nuggets, salmon fish, beaver fur mittens and hats, and a gourmet dinner have in common?  These are all specially awarded prizes along the Iditarod Trail!  At certain checkpoints, the first musher to reach certain checkpoints wins a prize donated by an Iditarod sponsor.  For example:

Mille Porsild won handmade beaver fur mittens and a hat at McGrath, donated by Alaska Air Transit.

Dallas Seavey won $3000 in gold nuggets at Cripple, the half-way point, along with the Dorothy G. Page Halfway Award trophy.  He could have had a new GCI phone, but he said he would take the gold instead, because technology isn’t his thing.

Nicholas Petit won a gourmet dinner for the First Musher to the Yukon Award.  Chefs cooked a spectacular feast for him in Ruby.

Creme Brûlée for Nic Petit (Photo: Siri Raitto)

Travis Beals won 25 pounds of salmon filets, $2000, and a wood carved art piece from the Bristol Bay Native Corporation when he mushed first into Kaltag.

Travis Beals Earns BBNC Fish First Award in Kaltag (Photo: Insider video)

Jessie Holmes was first to Unalakleet today, earning the Ryan Air Gold Coast Award.  He received one ounce of gold nuggets and a beautifully carved loon.

Jessie Holmes holds his gold nuggets! [photo credit – Insider]

These extra prizes show how the sponsors of the Iditarod are involved and want to support the brave mushers and their sled dogs, as well as the race.  It’s like when your teacher gives your class extra recess or candy for working hard.

Keep following to see who will get the biggest prize in Nome!

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