Dogs in Nome

Dear Friends,

If you like math, here is a problem to solve.  As of Thursday evening, 24 mushers with an average of 11 dogs each  have crossed the finish line in Nome.  How many of us sled dogs have come into the town?  Nome is not a big city.  Where do we sled dogs go? The mushers usually have rooms reserved for themselves to get some much needed sleep.  We dogs need a rest, but are not exhausted like the humans!  We love to run, so once rested, we are ready to go again.

Is it time to run again? [photo credit – Sloan]

In Nome, there is an area behind buildings where we dogs hang out.  Volunteers feed and stay with us.  There are dog carrier kennels like you see in airports spread apart in rows for us dogs to sleep in, though still outside.  As more and more teams come into Nome, the dogs from earlier finishes are put into their carrier kennels and flown home in big airplanes;  handlers from the mushers’ kennels will meet the planes at the airport to collect their dogs.  

The mushers will hang out in Nome, visiting with each other, exchanging trail stories, greeting fans, and getting some extra sleep until the Finishers’ Banquet.  It is a celebration with a spectacular meal, the awarding of prizes, and great stories by the mushers.  

So, don’t worry about us dogs.  We are headed home soon!

Until next time,