Musher Report Cards

Part of a musher’s qualifying report card

Dear Friends,

Some people think that sled dog teams and their drivers, or “mushers,” just pay $4000 and sign up to race in the Iditarod across Alaska. That isn’t true.  There is a rule that says:  ROOKIES:  report card/assessment forms and rookie reference must be included in order to enter the race.  What?  Mushers need to have a report card?  See the rules!

Mushers and their dog teams have to first compete in other races for a total of 750 miles.  There are options for this in Alaska and other places.  Two 300-mile races and one 150 mile must be run. Idaho’s Idaho Sled Dog Challenge and Montana’s Race to the Sky are two of the 300-mile races people can choose from. You cannot just race, though.  The report card goes with you.  Mushers are graded on dog care, wilderness survival, sleep deprivation tolerance, and more!  It isn’t easy to qualify for the Iditarod.  If you choose to follow a rookie musher in the 2024 Iditarod, be impressed.  This new Iditarod musher had to have a good report card!

Until next time,