Iditarod Teacher Summer Camp Set to Begin

TODAY:  JUNE 17 — marks the start of summer camp for teachers.  That’s right, summer camp isn’t just for kids, it’s for Iditarod teachers, too!  Iditarod’s summer camp is the perfect experiential event to help teachers gain knowledge about Iditarod, dog mushing, the amazing athletes — We’re talking about dogs!   AND of course, the mushers. 

Updates from camp will be posted over the  9 days of camp.

Schedule of events:

Saturday:  June 17

Noon – Campers will meet and depart for our camp.  There will be a brief stop at Iditarod Headquarters before heading to the Dream a Dream Dog Kennel where they will stay for 4 nights.

The schedule for these 4 days is as follows:  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning.   (June 18 – 21)

Rise, shine, enjoy a light breakfast, spend time in the dog yard and/or socializing with other campers.  Weather permitting, puppy walks and dog cart riding will get your day started off just right!  There are two litters of puppies at the kennel.  Can you say doggie kisses?

AM:  Iditarod / Mushing presentations and activities

Noon:  Lunch

PM:  Educational Sessions, Activities, and Speakers

6:00 Dinner  (roughly)

Evenings:  Stay up late and enjoy camp!  OR, put on a sleeping mask and try to catch some rest.  Don’t be surprised if you hear some dogs howling!  They have been known to sing the night away!

*Monday at about 10:30 – depart for Talkeetna for lunch and a walk about in the village June 19 –

  4:00 – Back at the Kennel!  Meet Iditarod Air Force Pilot Joe Pendergrass.  What does the IAF do before, during, and after the race?  You’ll find out!

*Wednesday morning:  Final activities and pack up, head for Wasilla.  June 21

Back in Wasilla, Visit the Dorothy Page Museum and wander around Wasilla

3:00 Hotel Check In.

4:00 – Depart for Jon and Jona Van Zyle’s home, kennel, and art gallery.  We will enjoy a solstice celebration.  Dinner will be included in this visit.

Thursday:  June 22:  Field Trip to Anchorage

AM:  Alaska Heritage Center

noon lunch – camper’s responsibility

PM:  Anchorage Museum

Friday: June 23

Speaker event:  Location:  Sports Complex

iTC EDU SPEAKERS and Key Note Speaker – Dr. Stu Nelson

3:00:  Dedication at the Joe Redington Sr. High School

*Evening is on your own!

Saturday:  June 24

9:00 – 3:00  ITC HQ

      Annual membership meeting, musher sign up event, and picnic.

Sunday: June 25 – Camper — Meet a Glacier!  Field Trip

All day!  After breakfast – you’ll depart for your adventure!

Monday: June 26: 

Final meetings and departure for Anchorage.