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Reading and Writing on the Iditarod Trail: Lessons and Activities Ready to Use

These ready to use lessons and activities for reading and writing are a great way to get your students involved in reaching academic success the Idita – way —  Follow the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race® and engage students in life long learning.  (By Martha Dobson)   Download the PDF Document:  Reading and Writing on …

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Types of Sentences: Declarative, Interrogative, Imperative, Exclamatory

Practice identifying sentence types the Idita-way!  (Worksheet and answer key can be downloaded below!) Kinds of Sentences Put the correct punctuation at the end of each sentence. Tell if the sentence is a declarative, an interrogative, an imperative, or an exclamatory sentence. 1.      ____________  Dog teams pull sleds in the Iditarod 2.      ____________ How many …

Remembering 40 Years of Iditarod. . .

The 2012 Iditarod is the 40th running of the Last Great Race®.   Remembering 40 years of Iditarod… . These memories were first shared on our Facebook page as snippets of history remembered and gather the stories together as articles for this website. Remembering 40 Years of Iditarod. .  . The Original Iditarod Trail Committee members were: Al …

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