Zoom Lens by Sanka

Zoom Lens: McGrath: A Hill and a Sled

Back of the pack mushers found the short trail from the checkpoint down to the Kuskokwim River to be very much like the worn down Happy River Steps.  As each musher runs down the bank, a little more snow is gouged out by braking.  Finally, there’s a big trench that mushers have to negotiate.  Some …

Zoom Lens – Siberians

Rob Cooke departed McGrath March 11, 2016, after his 24-hour layover with 15 Siberians.  He dogs were happy and strong as they charged down the hill and out onto the river for the run to Takotna.  Cook was one of the mushers who  run distance doubles with Iditarod and Yukon Quest.  He completed the distance …

Zoom Lens: Flannel Shirt

This harness reminds me of my favorite very old flannel shirt.  I’ve got pretty new shirts but they hang in the closet as I prefer the well worn old one that’s a little ragged but soft and fits perfect.  Seems this dog may feel that same way about his harness.

Zoom Lens: All Eyes

Busy, Busy, Busy at McGrath.  One team checking in while another team approaches on the frozen river.  There’ll be plenty more action as the night wears on.  Noah Burmeister was the sixth musher to bring his huskies into the checkpoint.  His dogs are all eyes!  

Zoom Lens from McGrath

Skies in McGrath were beautiful today – pristine white clouds and brilliant blue sky.  There are a few dropped dogs from Rohn but no mushers.  The first will arrive in less that a half hour.  Guessing it’ll be Dallas Seavey and he’ll continue on to Takotna.  This shot really has nothing to do with the …

Zoom Lens – Dropped Dogs

Dropped dogs have been coming into Anchorage.  Be assured they are getting lots of love and attention while they await a ride back to their kennel.    

Zoom Lens: Race Stars

It’s race day in Willow.  the skies were blue and the Mountain was out.  It’s the dogs that are the real characters.  They can hardly contain their excitement.  Dogs that took to the trail today numbered 1,346.  Most every team started the race with 16 dogs today but a few teams went out with a …

Zoom Lens – Ceremonial Start

Trent Herbst teaches 4th grade in Ketchum, Idaho at the community school.  If you were in his class, you’d have real life math and science applications in preparing Trent for the trail.  Over the years, they’ve built his sled, snowshoes, packed his drop bags, planned his menu, measured dog food, counted booties and much more. …

Zoom Lens – Twins

It’s always a question as to who is who when it comes to the identical Berington twins, Anna and Kristi.  After the vets were finished with both of their teams, they took a couple of minutes to help me out on that.  Anna has a red and black sled bag and has promised to wear …

Zoom Lens – Vet Check

Even though Charley Bejna was ready to depart he took time to pose with his lead dog Brown.  Wondering  how Charlie’s lead dog came by the name of Brown?   Those dogs were named after bears.  So there’s Brown, Black and Grizzly in that litter.  This would be a perfect license plate for Charley.