Iditarod Magazine

I’ve been home from Alaska for a while now, and what a whirlwind it has been.  I have loved sharing my experience with my students, family, and friends. 

My language arts unit on the Iditarod has wrapped up while I in Alaska, but my students did one last project once I was back.  They created their own Iditarod Magazines!  This is a fun writing project which includes 4 writing pieces: compare/contrast, description, persuasive, and problem and solution.  Students must also include pictures, a timeline, a glossary, and an activity.  My students took about a week to complete their final drafts, and they had a blast doing them!  Some of my favorite articles include persuading someone to volunteer at a checkpoint, describing the Teacher on the Trail sleeping bag, and how to survive in the cold temperatures.

We displayed our magazines at the school publishing party last week—the students loved sharing their Iditarod excitement with everyone! 

Iditarod Magazine Lesson Plan

Iditarod Magazine Description and Rubric