Iditarod Pokey and A Musher’s Song (Words to)

Contributed by Sharyn Allen, PA

Sharyn is a retired Kindergarten teacher.  She wrote these as a gift for her grandson’s classroom.

Sing it students!

Sled Dog Pokey

You put your right paw in.

You put your right paw out.

You put your right paw in and you shake it all about.

You do the sled dog pokey and you turn yourself around.

That’s what it’s all about.

Nose. . .Tail. . .  and continue. . . .

A Musher’s Song

*indicates Iditarod vocabulary or concepts

Bold indicates emphasis on the beat of the melody.   Sung to: Over  the River and Through the Woods

1. Over the river across the ice

From *Anchorage we go.

The race starts soon; dogs howl at the moon.

We’ll charge over tundra and snow.

Over the river across the ice

Iditarod’s almost here.

The team can’t wait to start at the gate.

The annual race is near!

2. Over the river across the ice

The blizzard’s in our face.

The Junior teams eye the Red Lantern Prize.

This is a harrowing pace.

The dog sled team, the full sixteen,

Is ready and highly trained.

The musher demands they learn the commands,

Before they enter the race.

3. Over the river across the ice

They count down, then we start.

Lead dogs eye the  Golden Harness Prize.

They’re strong, lead with lots of heart.

Over the river across the ice

Eleven hundred miles of snow.

We packed the sled, now off to bed.

Soon to the first marker we’ll go.

4. Over the river across the ice

If you want to win the race.

You do not speed.  See what you need

Is to start at a slower pace.

Long ago through ice and snow

Hero dogs brought meds to the sick.

Those malamutes tried, but some of them died.

Our commemoration’s  “The Last Great Race”.

5. Over the river across the ice

Yentna Station now we see.

A ten hour rest keeps the dogs at their best

All the mushers do agree.

Nutritious food is very good

To keep the huskies fit.

Time to eat and what a treat!

They gobble every bit.

6. Over the river across the ice

We bed dogs down with straw.

A terrible stormCoats and blankets are warm.

We don’t even see a paw.

Before we retire we make a bonfire

To keep us all through the night.

We soon will boast, “Passed the Bering coast!”

Just keep trail markers in sight.

7.  Over the river across the ice

To Nome we  mushers go.

The dogs never dread pulling the sled

Over hundreds of miles of snow.

Past mountain, forest, and barren terrain

When some hungry wolves we spy.

Lead dog arches his back. They fend off an attack.

Our team has beaten their foe!

8. Over the river across the ice

As we struggle along.

Our fingers frozeSome win by a nose.

Watch the markers.  Don’t go wrong!

Over the river across the ice

Nome is finally near.

The dogs are ready, keep your hands steady.

The finish line is here!


Original Posting Date:  Jan 11, 2010