Keep On Growing

We have all grown during this experience.  Some growth happens just as an unplanned result of experience.  Some growth occurs out of necessity and some growth happens because you specifically plan to improve certain skills.  Growth in any sense is good and something that we should strive for throughout our lives.  When we cease to grow, cease to strive for better performance out of ourselves, we cease to treasure the life we have been given.

Rookie has grown through an amazing sequence of experiences on the trail and off.

Yesterday I took a class at the Parks Service Bldg. about drawing dogs.   There was a little girl who told me my dog’s name was Tilo and that in Inupiaq the word for dog is kikpiq. Admittedly, I was the only adult there, but I learned some valuable tips to improve my dogs and heard the teacher repeat the mantra I have used with myself and my students.  Really look at the thing you are about to draw, look at it until you are sure you really see it.  My sight is improving, though I still have a long way to go, so it is back on the proverbial trail for me and Rookie, too.