Volunteers in Nome

Volunteers in Nome and those who reach Nome are well taken care of.  We are welcomed at the United Methodist Church where our housemothers, Deb and Joan, see to it that we are fed, cared for, and learn a few new manners while we are here.  Pilots, veterinarians, technicians, all manner of volunteers, and this teacher get three hot, tasty meals a day and a quiet cot to sleep on.

When it is dinnertime, as many as are not on duty somewhere, volunteers gather for dinner, conversation, stories, and a few games.  Last night I even saw two volunteers trying to play a card game on an Iphone app.  It was an amusing scene, to say the least.

There is room for 20-25 of us to sleep and quiet areas are observed. We even peacefully share one bathroom and one shower.  It is encouraging to see what people can really do.

A BIG THANKS to those ladies that keep us all going!  Thanks, Deb and Joan!