The Dog Yard

I bet you wondered what happens with the dogs after they finish the race.

Well, after the teams come under the arch the dogs are brought down the street to a team of veterinarians to be checked out.  They are trotted down the street on leads, up and back, so the vets can assess their gaits.  They have their hearts and lungs listened to.  They have their stomach areas and limbs massaged for any abnormalities.  One of the veterinarians told me that this was a large portion of the Humanitarian Award for the best care of dogs, an award that Martin Buser has received four times, a record for any musher.

A little later the drug testing team goes through and gets a urine sample from each dog.

Then the dogs go to the dog yard to rest, relax, and eat.  Each one has his/her own house and there is a huge snow berm encircling the whole yard so that the dogs get a little privacy and quiet after their long trip.

Such a busy day that the trail seems quiet in comparison.  So tempted to go back.