Wandering Nome

Since I had no scheduled activities today, I decided to wander the neighborhoods between sirens for incoming mushers and see what I could learn about the character of this town.  Nome is a very friendly place with evidence of two very busy seasons.  Even in deep winter you can see the objects and tools of summer.[Gallery not found]

It is a town of individuals right down to the ravens that broadcast from every corner.  They even had a golf tournament on the ice today and a St. Paddy’s Day Parade.

I was lucky enough to watch Hank DeBruin come in with his beautiful dogs and at two this afternoon mushers gathered in the convention center for autograph signing and they were welcomed by a huge crowd.

This will be my last night in Nome and I really think I will miss it.  The town has a great personality and the volunteers welcome you like long lost friends.

So it will be back on the trail after the banquet tomorrow,