What a Wonderful Trip

I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to return here to visit with you.  I think of you all often and wonder how I can share this amazing experience.

I have been trying to sum up my time on the trail for weeks now, and I accept finally that it just defies summing up.  My heart was filled to overflowing by the unquenchable loyalty and energy of the dogs, the understated devotion and service from the pilots, the camaraderie  and support of the volunteers, the completely uncensored welcome of residents of villages across Alaska, and it was all given to me so freely.

I have had several opportunities since I returned to share my experiences with students around my area.  It is so difficult to contain my excitement and enthusiasm, and maybe the best part of that is that it seems to be catching.  Without fail I have a hard time putting an end to our sharing time. They can’t stop asking questions or saying, “Show that one picture again, PLEASE!”  By the time I give them back to their teachers, I know they are hooked.  I look forward to working with their excited teachers throughout the year to find even more ways to add the Iditarod to their curriculums.

I will be retiring from full time teaching this June, but it looks like I won’t be out of the classroom any time soon.  That is more than OK with me!  I will be full time IDITAROD.  Please feel free to use me anytime as a resource   (blynnef@sbcglobal.net) and don’t forget the voluminous resources of the Iditarod Website.

Let me leave you with a slide show of the phenomena that puts excitement into your classrooms and welcome Linda Fenton, 2013 Teacher on the Iditarod Trail, into the most exciting experience she will ever have.  I know she will bring you yet another perspective of the Iditarod to continue to enlarge this amazing teaching tool.[Gallery not found]

With heartfelt regards which is always on the trail,

Blynne Froke, 2012 Teacher on the Iditarod Trail