Tales from the Trail: Signing at the Start

We have been learning about the many, many volunteers who help the Iditarod run like a well-oiled machine – or should I say sled?  Volunteer responsibilities

With Kathy Cappa at the Volunteer Picnic

With Kathy Cappa at the Volunteer Picnic

range from making foot ointment for the dogs, to selling merchandise, to loading and unloading trucks, to working with communications, to being out on the trail, to just about anything and everything you could imagine.  You can see a list of all the opportunities for volunteers on the Volunteer section of the main Iditarod website.

We recently learned about a volunteer job we had never even considered before:  Race Start Sign Language Interpreter!  This was something that the students had never considered, but once the realized this job existed they thought it was a great idea to have this position!

I met Kathy Cappa this summer as we counted the ballots for the Iditarod Trail Committee before the Volunteer Picnic.  The boys recently sent her some interview questions and she graciously answered them all!

You can see the interview here:  February Interview with Kathy Cappa