Trail Mail Art Contest Winners Announced!

Over 40 pieces of art for the Trail Mail Art contest were received from across the US this year. We are grateful to Wendy Brott for her continued support of this program, and to Jon and Jona Van Zyle who served as judges and selected this year’s winners. The decision was very difficult for the Van Zyles, but in the end, they took into consideration the criteria and theme of the contest, and how the artwork might look and fit on an envelope.

Please help us celebrate all of our winners! Clicking on the pictures in the table will open a larger view of the image.

First Place: 2022 Trail Mail Art Jadae, age 13, North Carolina

Second Place:
Trey, age 9, California

Third Place:
Finn, 6th grade, Wisconsin

Honorable Mention:
Natalie, age 11, Virginia

Finalist: Adelaide, 6th Grade, Wisconsin

Willow, 6th Grade, Wisconsin

Risha, age 10, California

Mischa, age 10, Wisconsin

Leia, age 11

Kelsey, 6th grade, Wisconsin


Joshitha, age 10, California


Caitlyn, 6th grade, Wisconsin


Etta, 6th Grade, Wisconsin