And the Answer Is . . .

Hello friends,

If the answer is 2,728 Paws, what is the question? 

Sunday was a beautiful day in Willow, Alaska as 49 teams left the chute in two minute increments to start the 50th running of the Iditarod. My friend, Jason, from Wisconsin, asked how many dogs are on each team to start the race. Rule #17 states that the maximum number of dogs to start the race is 14, the minimum is 12. According to race log number 1, all teams except 4 started with 14 dogs. Those 4 teams each started with 13 of my K9 friends. Awooooo! There was a lot of howling as my friends anticipated the start of the race.

Paws on the trail!

Have you figured out the question yet? What is 45 teams times 14 dogs per team times 4 paws plus 4 teams times 13 dogs per team times 4 paws. (45 x 14 x 4) + (4 x 13 x 4) = ?  You all better double check my math. I don’t have opposable thumbs, so I may have made a mistake.

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Tail wags,