Mandatory Equipment Scavenger Hunt


Sled Dog Ed

Crisp Winter Wishes to All!!!   

The Iditarod Dog Sled Race will soon be seeing mushers crossing the finish line under the Burled Arch in Nome, Alaska. The race judges will be checking each sled bag for the mandatory equipment each musher needs to carry along the trail. If you go to>Information>Mushers>2017 Race Rules, your students will be able to locate Rule #16 and read what mandatory equipment all mushers need for traveling. Discuss the various items and purposes/uses of each.

Then, show your students the following pictures from Matt Failor’s Kennel, 17th – Dog. These are Matt’s and Michael Baker’s sleds that are on the Iditarod Trail for 2017. How many of those mandatory items can your students locate?



Matt Failor and Michael Baker Sleds

Inside the Sled Bag

Inside the Sled Bag

More Equipment


Happy mushing!

~Sled Dog Ed