Which Sled Runner Plastic?

Coming into Unalakleet checkpoint

Dear Friends,

When sled dog teams come into a checkpoint, what happens?  

  1.  Sleds are checked for required items.
  2. Vets check the dogs.
  3. The musher may grab more supplies from the drop bag sent ahead.
  4. The musher may stop to snack or feed the dogs a meal, then rest.
  5. Sometimes, mushers change plastic on their sled runners.

Various types of runner plastic is designed to help the sled be more efficient through different snow conditions and temperatures.  One type is good for ice and slick spots.  Another is better for wet snow.  Mushers carry rolls of plastic to be able to adjust and make the best time with their sleds.

KattiJo Deeter told that she had on pink plastic.  It made her slide around too much.  She changed to a plastic with a groove to keep from slipping around.  With hills, however, that slowed her team’s ability to pull as quickly.  It is tough to know which plastic is best when the trail conditions change so frequently!

If you are interested in comparing and contrasting the plastic runners, check out the descriptions for the colors on this site!  Sled Runner Plastics Descriptions

As the teams head onto the windy coast, some changes in their runner plastic may be necessary!

Until next time,