Sea Ice

Dear Friends,

Beautiful, treacherous sea ice washed up onto the coast on a warmer year [credit H. Sloan]

As the teams are leaving Unalakleet, passing through the checkpoints of Shaktoolik, Koyuk, and Elim there will be times they will be running on sea ice, cutting off time by running “as the crow flies” rather than on land.  From the air, they say it is smooth and a good run for the teams.  

Ryan Redington crossing sea ice Saturday [credit Insider]

As you can see, the ice looks flat and the sky is clear.  There are stories in past Iditarods when veterans Jeff King and Aliy Zirkle stopped on the ice.  Dog food bowls were blown away due to high winds, the temperatures were frigid, and snowstorms blinded their view.  So far, so good, in 2023’s race!

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