Race Applications

Dear Middle School and High School Teachers,

Sled Dog Ed

Sled Dog Ed

The young teenager who lives next door to our kennel is applying for his first job! He stopped over to our place to ask the owners if they would be references for him on his application. I have heard about applications before as my owner has applied to the Iditarod numerous times. My excitement for this youngster to secure his first job flooded my brain with a great idea to get your middle schoolers and high schoolers comparing and contrasting the applications for the Junior Iditarod, the Iditarod, and an application from a local business in your town.

First, have students investigate the application and application process for the Junior Iditarod and the Iditarod. They can look at what is included on the applications, what information each applicant needs to provide, how many forms need to be submitted, do the mushers need references, do resumes need to be attached, etc. Use the following links to gather that information:



Next, invite a local business into your classroom to talk about the application process for their company. What types of qualities do they look for in a candidate? What information is needed in order to apply? What does the application look like? Do they need references? If possible, have the students complete a “mock” application.

After that, have students compare and contrast the applications and process for the Junior Iditarod, Iditarod, and the local business. What things were the same and different? What parts were easier to do? Which application required more information? Was there a cost associated with any of the applications? These are just a few ideas to discuss….I am sure you can create more.

Finally, mushers in both the Junior Iditarod and Iditarod write a short biography for their musher profile on the Junior Iditarod and Iditarod Websites. Check out some examples for each at the following links:



Ask your students to write a short biography about themselves that could be used as part of their application. What qualities would they want people to know they possess? What activities have they been involved in that would be pertinent when applying for a job? What skills do they have that will benefit them in the work world? Older students may want to create a resume versus writing a short biography.

Our youth are the future of the world. Let’s help them hone in on their skills, talents, perseverance and creativity as they em”bark” on their journey to becoming members of the work place.

~Sled Dog Ed