30 Problems to Solve


By Finney (Andrea Auf der Heyde)

1. Three pieces of equipment were in the snow…..a gangline, a sled bag and a harness. They belong to Joseph, James and Jeffrey. James does not own the harness or the gangline. Joseph’s equipment goes on the dog. Who owns the gangline?

2. Two Jr. Iditarod mushers have a total of seventeen necklines. One has five more than the other. How many necklines do they each have?

3. DeeDee, Lyn and Joy ran a sprint race with only six dogs each. Joy’s time was faster than Lyn’s time, but Joy did not win. Who won the race? Who came in last?

4. Sam must be in Wasilla with his dogs for the vet check by 8:15 a.m. It takes him three hours and 10 minutes to get to Wasilla from his home. What time should Sam leave his home to arrive in Wasilla on time?

5. Choose four names of mushers who are in the Iditarod. What are the possibilities of the way the race could finish with those four mushers?

6. Four dogs had their own sleds in a sled dog race. The dogs’ names were Bandito, Sweetie Pie, M&M and Paws. Paws finished the race before Sweetie Pie, but behind Bandito. M&M did not win, but she beat Sweetie Pie and Paws. Give the order of their finish.

7. Six mushers met each other at the musher’s banquet. If they each shake hands one time with every other person, how many handshakes will there be?

8. In the morning the temperature was -28 degrees F. By noon it was -50 degrees F., but by 2:00 the temperature was 31 degrees F. How many degrees did the temperature rise during the day? What fact did you not need to know to answer the question?

9. If each team has sixteen dogs and there are eighty-six teams, how many dogs will leave Anchorage?

10. Abbi has a team of sixteen dogs. Eight of the dogs have blue eyes, two have yellow eyes, two have brown eyes and four have black eyes. Draw a circle graph to show the percentage of eye colors.

11. Today is February 28, 2004, the beginning of the Jr. Iditarod. What was the date three days ago? What will the date be in two days?

12. Carole buys seventeen bags of dog food. She can only fit two bags into each grocery bag. How many grocery bags will she need?

13. Jack is standing in line to board the plane to Nome. There are thirty-six people in line in front of him. There are thirty-eight people behind her. What is Jack’s position in line? How many people are standing in line?

14. A small jar of Vaseline for the dogs’ feet costs ninety cents. The Vaseline costs fifty cents more than the jar. How much does the Vaseline cost? How much does the jar cost?

15. There are seven black huskies, four white huskies and five gray huskies on a team. What fraction of the team of huskies is gray?

16. Sue has thirty-two huskies. She buys twelve more from another musher. She gives two dogs to each of her five friends. How many dogs does Sue have now?

17. It is snowing two inches every hour. If it snows for twelve hours, how many inches of snow will be on the ground?

18. Sloan leaves Safety checkpoint at quarter after four. He reaches Nome three and one-half hours later. What time did he arrive in Nome?

19. Charlie and Don have one hundred thirty-six dogs if they combine their dog lots. Don has twelve more than Charlie in his lot. How many dogs do they have in their own lots?

20. The race begins at 10:15a.m. Alaska Time. What time will it be in Pacific Time, Mountain Time, Central Time and Eastern Time?

21. Each dog eats approximately 5,000 calories a day while on the Trail. How many calories would a team of sixteen dogs consume?

22. During January, February and March, Lynda read twenty-nine Iditarod books. She read three more in March than February. She read five more in January than in February. She read twelve books in January. How many books did she read each month?

23. If it costs twenty-five cents per pound to send your food bags to each check-points, how much will two thousand pounds cost to ship?

24. This is a dog family. M&M is Lollipop’s mother. Bon-Bon is M&M’s mother. How is Bon-Bon related to Lollipop?

25. Henry leaves McGrath at 9:52. It takes him four hours and sixteen minutes to reach the next checkpoint. What time is it when he gets there?

26. You have one pair of black long underwear pants and one pair of gray long underwear pants. You have 2 red tops, 1 black top and 1 gray long underwear top. What is the probability that you will wear a red top with black long underwear pants?

27. A musher must walk behind his sled to help his dogs. If he is going across the Farewell Burn for 120 miles and will walk 75% of the time. How many miles will he walk?

28. Your team of dogs loves to eat honey balls as a snack. You stop the team 12 times between checkpoints to snack them. How many total honey balls would you need for a team of 16 dogs if each only gets one?

29. If the temperature drops 4 degrees every hour, how many degrees would the temperature drop between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.

30. Because of the rough terrain, you must change your team’s booties every 25 miles. There are 11 dogs in your team. The distance from one checkpoint to the other is 275 miles. How many booties would you need for this part of the trail?

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