Flying With The Iditarod Air Force

When some people think of me being the Teacher on the Trail, they think of me on a dog sled racing along.  Now I have an adventurous spirit – but not that adventurous.  I will actually be flying to different checkpoints along the trail with the Iditarod Air Force, a group of pilot volunteers who help make the race happen.  According to front_page2the IAF Statistics Page on their website, “Our 31 volunteer pilots collectively bring 743 years and 420,000 hours of flying experience to the table.  Click on the picture at the left to check out their website for more stats, information and beautiful pictures.  I’m very excited about flying with this group of dedicated volunteers in remote Alaska and know I’ll be in good hands.

In my school district, part of the 3rd grade Science Curriculum is Flight.  Third Graders learn the history and science of flight in a comprehensive unit.  We are fortunate to live near Oshkosh, Wisconsin and the home of the Experimental Aircraft Association Museum and yearly fly-in.  Our unit culminates in a field trip to the museum – a highlight of our Third Grade year.  Many of the flight lessons I will be sharing originate from their Education Department.

One of our first activities is to learn about surface area.  I’ve attached a simple lesson plan that teaches the concept of gliding and dropping.  It’s time to Take Flight!  Surface Area