There’s No Place Like Nome

Nome, Alaska is a city of almost 4,000 residents that sits on Norton Sound at the edge of the Bering Sea.  There is a lot to see and discover here, but the week the Iditarod comes to town, there is something for everyone.  Events began on Monday, March 11 with workshops, talks, tours, an Arts & Crafts Fair, and Fine Arts Fair to name a few.

My time here has been busy – not only with Iditarod – but trying to fit all the other interesting events into a day.  One of the highlights includes watching Velvet, a pet reindeer, go through town  the back of a pick-up.  I also attended the largest basketball tournament in the world.  I can’t forget about the beautiful sunsets over the Bering Sea and the poetry reading by Richard “Hello Central” Benevelle.  I didn’t drive anywhere because gas prices are hovering at $6.15 a gallon and I didn’t grocery shop because there were fabulous cooks at the church where I am staying, plus groceries are very expensive.  I was even interviewed on a radio show for local station, KICY.

Read more about Nome at their website, Nome, Alaska and visit the Nome, Alaska Visitor’s Center website to read more about the rich history of this city.  True to its own tagline, there is no place like Nome.