Iditarod Qualifying Races

If you are a rookie musher planning on entering any future Iditarod, you must have a report card from your qualifying races completed by race officials and returned to the Iditarod office within 10 days of the end of the qualifying race. It is YOUR responsibility to advise officials prior to the start of the race that you are using it for a qualifier and will need the report card completed. Provide officials with the correct form provided below labeled Report Card PDF. It is best for officials to know ahead of time to watch you so they can complete the report card. There is no time frame on completing qualifiers.

You are required to run two (2) approved 300 mile or more qualifying races and one (1) 150 mile or more approved qualifying race, total of 3 races. If you run the Yukon Quest, you don’t need any other qualifiers. You also need a rookie reference from a musher who has completed the Iditarod and is familiar with your mushing capabilities. That form is provided below labeled Rookie Reference PDF. 

Contact the Iditarod office within a month of completing your qualifiers and check to see if your required paperwork is in. If it hasn’t come in yet, then it is your responsibility to contact the race organizations and ask them about it. You should make sure that ALL report cards from qualifiers and your rookie reference are in prior sign up to run the Iditarod. 

Required paperwork for rookies: (to be turned in prior filling out Iditarod entry forms)

      Related to the performance of a musher in an approved qualifying race. Must be turned into the Iditarod prior to musher’s entry.
    • All rookies must provide a reference sheet from an Iditarod musher who is familiar with the rookie.this must be turned in with entry paperwork.


150/200 Mile Qualifiers

200/300 Mile Qualifiers

300 Mile Qualifiers