Daily Update 7

Hi Boys and Girls,

It’s Friday!!!!  Do you have any plans for the weekend?  Hopefully, you are able to follow the race at home.  The teams will be busy this weekend making their way to Nome.  Currently, all but 1 team has completed their 24 hour and 8 of the first 11 teams have also completed their 8 hour mandatory on the Yukon.  I’m starting to think ahead to next week.  I wonder when the first team will cross the finish in Nome and when that will happen.  What do you think? 

Jeff King’s leader is still ready to run as Jeff checks in to the checkpoint at Iditarod on Thursday, March 8th during the 2018 Iditarod Sled Dog Race — Alaska
Photo by Jeff Schultz/SchultzPhoto.com (C) 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Currently the top 5 are:

Nicolas Petit out of Grayling

Mitch Seavey in Grayling

Joar Leifseth Ulsom   in Grayling

Richie Diehl out of Shageluk

Peter Kaiser out of Shageluk

The Red Lantern Position is:

Tom Schonberger out of Takotna

The Rookie of the Year position is:

Matt Hall is in 15th position and is in Shageluk


Scott White scratched in Takotna in the best interest of his team. 




No awards today

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on the trail,