North or South?

Hi Boys and Girls,

Did you know that there are two routes used for the Iditarod trail- the Northern Route and the Southern Route.  The Northern Route is run during even numbered years and the Southern Route during odd numbered years.  In the early years of the race, only what is now called the Northern Route was used.  This was difficult on the smaller villages. Every year they had to handle large numbers of people, dogs, fans, etc.  In 1977, the board of directors made the decision to split the route into a Northern and Southern route and to alternate the route from year to year.  The Southern route gave the towns of Shageluk, Anvik, Grayling and Eagle Island a chance to participate.  This route also goes through the ghost town of Iditarod which the race is named after. 

It’s 2018 so time to get out the Northern Route maps- right?????  Well, no.  The ITC Board decided and confirmed on Feb.9th, that this year the race will follow the Southern Route.  Due to inadequate snowfall and poor trail conditions the Southern Route has not been run since 2013.  Depending on weather and trail conditions, the Southern Route will also be run next year in 2019.  So, you better get out your Southern Route maps and have them handy!

If you need a map of the Southern Route, you can go to:

This map also gives some information on each checkpoint. 

Hope you’re getting excited.  I sure am.  I’m howling happy the race is starting soon. 

See you on the Southern Trail,