What’s a Checkpoint?

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I am sure by now you have heard that once mushers left Willow, they travel from checkpoint to checkpoint until they reach the city of Nome.

What’s a checkpoint?

Checkpoints are places where mushers have to check in and sign their name to show they ‘checked in’ to each spot along the trail.

Most of the checkpoints are located in villages.  Some of the checkpoints, like Rohn or Cripple, are spots along the trail where volunteers create a stopping place.  Sometimes there is a building and sometimes there is a tent.

Evey musher must sign their name when the get to a checkpoint to show they arrived.

Take a look at a map of the race route or look at the standings page and count how many checkpoints there are this year.

Enjoy the race and give a big loud howl when you find out mushers have ‘checked in’ to a special stopping place (checkpoint) during the race.

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