Zoom Lens – Willow

Access to Willow Lake where the Jr. Iditarod will finish and the Iditarod will restart.

The community of Willow is located thirty-seven miles north of Wasilla on the Parks Highway.  Right now it’s very quiet at the Community Center but it will be bustling on the next two Sundays.  On the last Sunday of February the Junior mushers will find the finish banner located on the lake access in front of the community center.  The young racers will run a 150 route beginning Saturday at 10:00 in the morning and will finish up in Willow in time for the evening awards banquet on Sunday.  The Restart for Iditarod XLIV will take place on Willow Lake in front of the Community Center a week later on March 6th.  My, what a difference thirty-seven miles makes in snow cover.